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How To Connect Huawei Usb Modem To Android Tablet

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Here we take Huawei E153U Modem for Example:

If your E153 USB Modem is the carriers limited version you need to unlocked it first, or you can buy a unlocked Huawei E153U Modem directly from

Steps for connecting android tablet to Huawei modem:

First, Huawei E153U Modem Unlocking

1. Plug the modem into the pc. Wait for modem auto detection and driver installation.

2. Run Teraterm Pro or Hyper Terminal, select serial then search the assigned com port for your modem (usually have two…try one).

3. Type “ATZ at u2diag ^ = 0″ then press enter. If an “OK” message is displayed then go to step 5. If no message is displayed go to step 4.

4. Restart Teraterm or hyper terminal; select the other com port assigned for the modem then repeat step 3.

5. Unplug the modem from your PC.

Second, connect Huawei E153U USB modem to android tablet

6. Plug the modem into Herotab mid 816 wait until the signal bar appears at the top task bar.

7. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators

8. It will search available 3G networks in your place. Select your specific Network operator.

9. Then Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and press menu button then select New APN

10. Configure your APN

11. Scroll down and check whether the MNC and MCC numbers are there, if not, press the menu and select the discard and repeat the steps 7-10 (for new APN).

12. Save the new APN.

13. Activate APN by selecting it (until the green circle at the right side)

14. Wait for the 3G logo at the top task bar.

15. Open your internet browser and enjoy surfing the net.

Note: when using hyper Terminal or Teraterm Pro for Huawei E153 you will experience that when you type at the text editor it seems like your Keyboard is disabled but it is not.

For the hyper terminal to see what you are typing go to file menu > Properties then on the displayed dialog go to settings tab then click ascii setup button then check the “Echo typed characters locally” and click OK.

For the Teraterm Pro: I just typed “ATZ at u2diag ^ = 0″ even it seems that the keyboard is disabled then i pressed enter then an “OK” message is displayed. Then I continued through the steps and I’ve got my Huawei E153 working.

For details about how to unlock Huawei modem you can also refer to this instruction:

Simple Steps to Make Money with Android Apps

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Now, who wouldn’t love to earn a little extra on the side and at the same time engage in a hobby that you love? If you are a hardcore android developer or just love tinkering with the apps in your Smartphone, then you should definitely checkout the different ways you can earn from android apps.

The android app is becoming more popular, thanks to its easy-to-use features and interactive interface. With the number of android users increasing day by day, the market for your android application is also increasing. So, you can easily make money with android apps. If coding is child’s play for you, and you enjoy creating new and unique android apps during your spare time, look for ways to turn your hobby into an earning enterprise. You can create an android app and release it for free. There are lots of ways you can earn from your free app. First and foremost, spend a lot of effort on marketing. Offer free downloads of your app, at least for the first few versions till it gains popularity. During those times, you can get your investment back by using full page ads, banner ads, push notifications, affiliate pay per clicks, icon ads and affiliate discount links.ks.

If you are very confident about your app’s value and reach, then you can directly offer a paid version of the application. The higher the number of downloads, the greater your income. Another option you could go for is to provide goods for purchase within the game. Like for example, you have many free download versions of Angry Birds. But as you play the game, you get requests to unlock a certain feature by paying a particular amount. Once hooked to the game, the user will not think twice about bringing out the money. You can also set up an offer wall and provide discounts to visitors, encouraging them to buy your app.

You can still make money from android apps even if you don’t know the basics of coding. Google Play and Apple App Store have plenty of plenty of money earning options. Rewardable apps ask you to complete certain tasks – maybe using your Smartphone or in a retail outlet. Once you complete the task, you are rewarded with money.

Another technique you can use to earn from android apps is to participate in surveys, polls or offer opinions on various websites or products. Some of these apps may pay in cash or provide credit to download your favorite apps.

Moving From Pop3 Mail To Hosted Exchange It Just Gets Better

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Are you using POP3 email?

You may be wondering what a POP3 server is. Its one of those technical acronyms thats used for accessing your online mailbox. In fact, there are different technologies that are used for accessing a mailbox, but POP3 is the most widely used so far, despite its basic features. If your e-mail is hosted at your Internet Service Provider, chances are that you are using this POP3 protocol.

The limitations of POP3

Why is POP3 so widely used if it is so basic? Have you ever been warned by an IT expert (or your ISPs hotline) not to check your e-mail from two different computers? Chances are that you already have. In fact, with POP3 it is a bit inconvenient (while possible) to retrieve your e-mails into two computers. In fact, the first time you retrieve email using computer A, it moves actually the e-mail to that computer thereby wont be available on computer B to retrieve anymore.

This clearly shows up how inappropriate a POP3-only e-mail implementation is when you plan to access your e-mail from two devices (a laptop and a mobile phone for example).

Also, more advanced features are lacking from POP3 mail. When it comes to address book contacts, its almost impossible to share your contacts with other people in your organisation with basic POP3.

Opting for a better solution: Hosted Exchange

E-mail and collaboration tools are now more predominant in the way people in businesses share their work and resources nowadays. And as staff need to share address books, they also need to be able to book an appointment via shared calendars. With mobiles becoming widely used for general communications other than voice, users want to be able to access their e-mail, calendars, tasks and contacts while on-the-go. Isnt it wonderful that you get a copy of your e-mail on your mobile phone as soon as it arrives in your mailbox: this is possible with push e-mail systems while still a dream on POP3-only implementation. And the best part is, youll still get a copy of this same e-mail on your desktop once you arrive at the office.

As a CEO, wouldnt it be nice to delegate to your executive assistant the processing of your e-mail, calendar or tasks? You wouldnt even have to share passwords. These are what Hosted Exchange enterprise-class e-mail and collaboration systems can do for you.

As you can see, this is way more powerful than POP3.

And as a cherry on the pie, a Hosted Exchange 2010 solution is mobile-ready. You can get it on Android, a Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Apple-based iPhone, or iPad.

The question is should you move to a Hosted Exchange 2010 solution? Given all the benefits, its perhaps time you benefited from state-of-the-art enterprise e-mail solution that increases your peoples efficiency.

Google Androit Tablet Pc 10 Zoll Screen Zenithink 1.2 Ghz Cpu -neu

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Das Zenitthink Tablet kommt mit 10 Zoll Touchscreen Display und super schneller 1.2Ghz CPU. Das Zenithink 10 Zoll Tablet wird mit super edlem und robusten silbernen Metallgehuse ausgeliefert .
Anstatt eines schweren und unhandlichen Laptops verwenden Sie doch lieber ab sofort dieses tolle Zenitthink Tablet um unterwegs via Wi-Fi ins Internet zu gehen, Ihre Lieblinbgs-Webseiten zu ffnen oder um auf Ihr Email-Postfach zuzugreifen und vieles vieles mehr.
Das Zenithink Google Android Tablet 10 Zoll kommt mit einem grossen 10 Zoll TFT (16 : 9) Display und wird per Touchscreen bedient. ber den eingebauten G-Sensor erkennt das Zenithink Google Android Tablet 10 Zoll wenn Sie es in die Horizontale kippen und bewirkt dass sich das Men automatisch um 90 Grad dreht. Super praktisch ist der G-Sensor auch wenn Sie Filme oder Photos anschauen oder das Gert einfach gerne in der horizontalen Position bedienen mchten.
Laden Sie Programme aus dem Internet und installieren Sie diese auf Ihrem brandneuen Zenithink WinCE Tablet 10 Zoll . Hren Sie Musik, spielen Sie Filme oder Musikvideos ab, schauen Sie sich Ihre Fotos oder Dokumente an. Mit dem Zenithink WinCE Tablet 10 Zoll sind Ihnen keine Grenzen gesetzt.
Neben all den Zenithink Google Android Tablet 10 Zoll features in der Ausstattung ist das erstklassige Preis-Leistunsverhltnis nur ein weiterer Grund um sich dieses Gert jetzt zuzulegen. Wir empfehlen Ihnen ausserdem nicht zu lange mit dem Kauf zu warten, da die Gerte aufgrund der hohern Nachfrage sehr schnell ausverkauft sein knnen.
Bitte beachten Sie dass alle Waren von uns vor deren Versand sehr sorgfltig geprft werden. Wir garantieren Ihnen also, dass Sie von uns ausschlielich 100% getestete Neuware erhalten und das zum einmaligen Schnppchenpreis.
Sie werden begeistert sein von Ihrem neuen Zenithink Google Android Tablet 10 Zoll.
10 Zoll Touchscreen mit Zoom Funktion
Internetzugang ber WIFI
1.2GHz CPU, 256MB memory.
2GB internal storage
Wi-Fi connectivity.
Google Android
Lautsprecher / Mikro /screen keyboard.

Produkt Details:
Gewicht:1451 g
Mae:30.5*21*1,8 cm
Packung enthlt:
1 Zenithink 10″ Touch Screen 256MB 2GB Tablet Pad Netbook
1 Zubehr
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Capanicus Provides Android Mobile Application Development

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Sophisticated mobile phone devices possess modified the adaptable organization and it is also developing at a quickly pace and possesses modified the way in which we stay, do the job and perform. With respect to Smart phone Software the organization sizing is usually expected to tenfold between 2011 and 2013 due to growth popular. It is awaited the organization field sizing can come to more than 13 Thousand because period creating an incredibly worthwhile organization probability and endorsing sales channel. Willing is usually a small having nothing at all back again just one cell phone cellular phone such as apple iphone, Android, Blackberry mobile phones, and the like that is certainly improved with developed talents such as Voice, capability, TXT, A number of connection, person information management, Net Browsing, Email, Multimedia system, GPS, e-book onlooker skills and many others. Lightweight supply advancement pertaining to homemade applications assembles a compelling improvement sector pertaining to integrated performance and boosted performance of cell phones.

Mobile phone Software progress as well as adjusting dependably obliges inventive discount as well as in-profundity kinetic mastering. That is you might need any master as well as accomplished apple iphone requisition engineers who can locate a couple of sensible results to your own idea or perhaps this company need to have. Many of us employ X rule, Apple mackintosh highly rated matched up dynamics turf (IDE) pertaining to custom made New iphone Application Improvement. The master apple iphone apps manufacturers have the capability at applying X rule which gives all the apparatuses was required to format your specific requisition buyer software as well as create the particular rule that might allow it to be functional, although these people start using a commonly characterized system pertaining to apple iphone Software Improvement. When the requisition is created absolutely, you can agreeably make use of often on the appliance, an apple iphone or perhaps a iPod touch.

Android may be the schema put together by Yahoo and Google along with wide open Phone Connections. Android will be selection period along with Operating system. Android depends upon a new Linux period tailored together with Yahoo and google manufactured Coffee libraries along with improved which consists of unique stability structure. It truly is likewise a wide open along with stability centered lightweight period which includes developed beyond anyone anticipations coming from its cheaper origins. The Android doing the job structure contains Coffee provisions consolidated together with centre Coffee libraries putting an emphasis on JIT aggregation. Android OPERATING-SYSTEM is usually half way decent into 3 kinds, for instance, Android 1. 5, Android only two. 0/2. 1 along with Android 1. 6. Android shows a wide open industrial centre towards outsider android requisition designers regarding instant allocated along with reaction. Furthermore especially Android manufacturers can grant android provision progress upon just about any period just like House windows, Linux, along with Macintosh OPERATING-SYSTEM X.

Windows Mobile is an efficient period established by Windows CE 5. 0, with regard to running shrewd cellular procedures for the mobile devices, by way of example, telephones and also Pdas. Glass windows Mobile Program Improvement requires lower period and also expense simply by captivating benefit involving well-known Windows Mobile Programs dynamics site, complete specialized supporting along with a dependable customizing product

Android – Whatsapp Messenger Journey

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We are use to with the market of the messenger like skype, Yahoo!!, etc. Even, if we take the look for the market of group messaging has changed at extreme level. However, one company has inaudibly formed a franchise for messaging that has become debatably the market chief while tracking its own personal as well as exceptional path.

But, nowadays, WhatsApp Messenger has delivered an outstanding 1 billion messages/ day. WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, etc. This cross platform capability of WhatsApp Messenger has puts in front of any other sovereign messaging apps.

WhatsApp Android is foremost and leading number one paid social networking application in the Apple App Store. It has been downloaded by more than 10 million downloads on Android with 369,270 user reviews. That”s why WhatsApp Android is considered as the more than almost any other communication application platform.

The market has merged, WhatsApp for Android has kept its head more and more up and continued to execute. And all due to its utilization in 250 countries with inclusion of 750 networks.

WhatsApp Messenger has not spent a single penny for marketing as well as has actually actively avoided the spotlight; however, they only granting one interview before launch of the WhatApp Messenger. They have slightly shows that entrepreneurs comfortable up to bloggers as well as writers; and advertise every highlight, update and financial support statement.

Team of the WhatsApp has awarded its privacy and is only now starting to open up. And it”s not for concentration; they just require additional support team. WhatsApp for Android is almost completely made up of engineers about 17 to 20 employees.

Furthermore, the company hasn”t pursued project assets, while that hasn”t prohibited it from captivating some money. It acknowledged funding previous this year from Sequoia, which it tried to stay confidential as well as only now is really acknowledging, even if the amount is still a surreptitious. Actually as per Jan Koum, WhatsApp”s CEO and co-founder, the deal was spontaneous and was mainly strategic.

Moreover, as per Koum the firm has been able to accuse as it has made a very stout, spotless and focused product which doesn”t show advertising. In addition, he said that WhatsApp is not concerned in use of user data to aim consumers with marketing messages.

According to Koum, the decision to turn on a compensated structure early has helped the firm become “cash flow positive,” and it has also permitted them to focus on increasing the acceptance of the product without perturbing about monetization.

What is Google Apps for Business and how can it change the way you work

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The first thing to be clear about is that Google Apps is not another name for the Google Android app store (or “Google Play” as they want us to call it now). Google Apps for Business is a premium suit of 9 Google tools which can be customised for organisations specific needs.

The tools are all useful business applications and some you are most likely already familiar with such as Gmail and Google Docs. We’ll discuss the full list soon, but you might be asking yourself why you would pay to use tools which are otherwise free.

Each tool can be customised for an organisations needs in ways that the standard version of the tool cannot. A simple example is that you can have the power of Gmail (arguably the most powerful email service) with a more professional looking personalised email address such as .

All of the apps are hosted in the cloud meaning your work, emails, calendar information and other data are accessible and editable from any location with internet access. Unlike standard editions, the Business editions of apps are covered by a 99.9% uptime service level agreement, and in the unlikely event of downtime, there is a 24/7 emergency phone support service. Email support is also provided exclusively to business customers. Ads can be removed from business editions too.

As explained above, probably the most significant addition of the business edition of Gmail is that organisations can have a customise email address. Other benefits include remote management from mobile devices, Outlook access, extra email storage, and unlimited users on the domain and customisable email filtering and security settings, such as password strength requirements.

Scheduling team meetings is made easier with delegation sharing features in Calendar. You can share and integrate your schedule into others’ calendars or even publish yours on the web and show available appointment slots to your customers.

As cloud storage increases in popularity, Google Drive is included in Apps for business and comes with 5GB per user. If that’s not enough, it can be upgraded by another 20GB for an extra $4 per month. Files can also be shared with your team or customers. Many types of files stored in Google Drive can also be opened from within your browser.

Word processing, spreadsheets and presentations can be built and collaborated on online. This also includes interesting features you won’t find in Microsoft office such as being able to pull data directly from the web and into your spreadsheet. But at the same time Docs lacks some of the more advanced features you find in Microsoft Office and is less reliable. While it is generally agreed that for all but the most basic uses, businesses should stick with MS Office or Open Office, Docs is the best for collaborative work (assuming you don’t have Office 365 running alongside MS Office).

A website for your project can be built with Sites without requiring any coding knowledge. Pages of the website can be shared publically on the web or more selectively with team members or customers.

Sharing docs, sites, video and other information with co-workers is made easy with Groups for Business. Groups can be set up to share projects with various set groups of people quickly.

Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office
This lets you collaborate online with Office documents so you can share, backup and edit documents with co-workers.

Google Apps for Business includes all of these features for $5 per user per month or $50 yearly. Whether it is worth that or not depends on which features you will want to use and if you already have solutions in place for those. In comparison to other solutions for working remotely and collaborating, Google Apps is fairly easy to set-up and especially easy to maintain. For large businesses it might not have the robustness of Microsoft’s Exchange Server, but for small and medium businesses without the need for deeply customised methods of operation, Google Apps is a simple and cheap option.