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Success Reasons of Android App Development

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Success Reasons of Android App Development:

Android is the famous software development tool that is made for mobile app development. It gets you to an unstoppable flow of benefits for mobile application developers. It is very handy, that is you can handle it with ease and developers who have gained previous experience of programming find it more exciting. The Software Development Kit also known as SDK, that is given by Android is very much open to inventive uses one can kick-start the creation of an application instantly and it can be implemented in a swift manner. >

These days Mobile phones are a great ease, as they work as our pocket fit PCs because Android operating system by Google, is really supple and based on Linux Kernel. Smart phones applications can easily be designed and developed without going through the difficult process and this also get you great return of investments. Apps can be easily created for smart phones without having to go through complex procedures and offers a great deal of returns on investment. You can now find many companies for mobile application development which have come on front and offer and are offering extremely productive and within your means app development services.

Following are discussed the prime reasons for increasing number of Android application developers:

Opens a creative gateway for endless and limitless creativity to let their thought process go freely wild on Android apps. As Android application development is open source so it is cost-effective. C/C++ and Java programming languages are used in Android apps development. So it is easy for developers who have experience working in these languages. Developers can reproduce their code so that they benefit more from multiple apps creation. Developers find great secure and stable performance here and so the operating system is smooth to work on without having to worry about security. Android is a great help in diverting the time of developers in understanding clients’ needs rather than in development time. Trouble free porting of apps. Less investment and time required.

The overall process of Android app design and development is very much fun and you will enjoy the ease you will face. So get your apps designed and developed by professionals having some experience from the past years. Be careful when you hire an average mobile app developer, this might result in failure and total money loss along with your time spent and all the resources you have bring in use.

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Android in Everyday Life!

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With each passing day our dependence on technology is increasing quite rapidly,the smartphone age that started at the end of the last decade has find its way from cellphones,tablets and other devices into the way we lead our lives today.The Google Apple Samsung etc are a part of an individual’s identity.Everyone from the age-group of 3 years to 90 years have an access to a smart device.Of all the devices used android devices are the most used worldwide. Gartner this week confirmed a recent report from IDC (International Data Corporation) showing that Android-based devices accounted for 79% of all smartphones shipped in the second quarter of 2013, a record share for a platform that keeps growing with every passing day. As of July 2013 there were 1 million available apps on Google Play and over 50 Billion downloads registered.

Android has gone widely popular because Google took a wildly different approach with Android. Any hardware maker can use Android free of charge. Since Android is packed with excellent Google services like Gmail, Google Now, and Google Maps, most of the hard work was already done for manufacturers like Samsung and HTC. As a result, manufacturers have been able to flood the market with devices. They’ve also been able to attack the low-end of the market with cheaper phones.It is Open Source too. Unlike other Mobile OS ,Which are protected By Various laws,Copyrights etc Google Keep Android Open. Due to this, Large Pool of active programmers all around the world contribute there best and Enhance It. That’s Why new feautures are added in the android in very short span of time.

Google Play(Formally known as Android Market) place where one can get android apps currently has 867149 apps as Google seems to remove apps from the market roughly once a quarter, in which case the total number of available android apps goes down. The removed apps are almost always classified by our system as low quality apps.

With millions of apps to offer android has something for everyone.One can get any variety of app according to the individual’s requirements,for instance one can find education apps for as young as toddler to a university going student,health and medical apps that can assist aged people with their health and fitness,business and finance apps for business men,travel apps that have information of the local area which is very beneficial for regular travelers or people who are travelling for the first time,social and entertainment apps for every age-group and many many many more apps that help us to lead our lives smoothly and effectively.

If you are impressed with the features of Android SmartPhone or Tablet, You can develop your own android app. There are various website which are available over the internet,which provide you with some kind interfaces to develop android app without any coding skills.

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