Curbing Environmental Pollution

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India is country with a vast pool of untapped potential. However there are many week points that draw the country, backward in its race to development. The poor economic conditions coupled with the improper medical systems and living conditions hindered India from dream growth. Unclean water and air, degraded quality of education and high cost of energy resources Are also some other factors that needs to be pointed out in this regard. However modern Technologies such as internet and others can certainly add a lot in overcoming these hurdles. Networked Healthcare facilities and hybrid farming and the use of renewable Resources can minimize the negative impact on the country by leaps and bounds.

Read on to know more about the technologies that can be implemented in the country To get over the challenges, for example 1. Heath Care Sector-The Indian health care sector needs a total Revamp as a huge population of the country is still deprived of The basic health facilities, this can be transformed with the use Of modern networked healthcare technologies. The internet coupled with Machineries that are connected to the web which can monitor the patient’s health conditions real time can help a lot to improvise health sector. This continued overlooking over the patient’s health assures that he is under watch where ever he is. The Networked devices will also alert the hospital and physicians in case if there is any serious problem. India can look forward for a new dawn in the healthcare sector with networked healthcare Technique especially in the treatment of chronic diseases 2. Low cost Energy Production 3. Curbing Environmental Pollution 4. Quality of Education Can Never Be Compromised 5. Pure Water for Life 6. A Second Green Revolution

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