Free Unlimited Online Storage

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With the fervent rate of advances created in World Wide Web technology, it’s not unsuitable to sit back and reflect for a moment. You’ve got a good, state of the art computer or laptop, or an iPhone or iPad or a cell phone, an Android or a Blackberry. You are continuously sharing info along with your pals, clients or company associates. You listen to Internet tunes, engage in computer games and work on the net most often, at home or in the office. You have tons of intriguing personal files (music, video, and images, in all formats) and likewise, you read eBooks in PDFs and other formats.

Then, suddenly one good day you discover to your dismay that your PC no longer has enough file space and you dont wish to erase your treasured data files, although you have saved ( and shell out fairly some money buying storage gadgets to save your files, etc) some if not the majority of of them. You usually need to supply substantial data files to more than a single individual (and you do not feel want sending e-mails to many people all at once, for example ), or your blog or site hosting provider only enables you a particular quantity of upload room for video and still images, and the like. In other words, you’re looking for more room – particularly you would prefer to get free unlimited on the net storage area. Exactly where do you get that?

You can find currently fairly several service companies that provide free unlimited on-line storage. You can find now a lot of websites that allow you to upload gigabytes of data files on to their storage server, sometimes in substitution for ads ( e.g. LiveDrive). One really well-known and fairly popular service is Dropbox, which is really helpful to folks who desire to share data files with a view to working on them, of course. Dropbox supplies up to 2GB of free storage however you could upgrade to 100GB for a cost. Actually Dropbox is much more flexible than simply a provider of free on the web storage and if you desire to know further just go to the internet site http://www.dropbox.com.

Other better known providers of free unlimited online storage space include Omnidrive, Badongo, Mozy, Megashares, etc. Most of these provide a minimum of 2GB of precise, free storage, while you could consistently upgrade to hundreds of GBs of certain conditions are fulfilled. Although it is true that most of the sites that provide you free unlimited online storage area do so for non-profit reasons, the amount of free storage area that you really receive also will depend on your own hard disk capability.

A word of warning: you have to be mindful of scam or even possibly dangerous sites that could damage your files if you have so much confidence or become credulous in believing that these types of web sites can truly provide you almost everything for zero cost. Generally there’s a hook – you have to pay them a cost, you need to advertise for them, or you might even be required to post good feedback for them. One advice most regular surfers of the net must take pay attention to is that caution and prudence should be applied while indiscretion and imprudence averted.

Home Inspectors Using Devices with Built-In Cameras

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Many of today’s newest portable devices (phones/tablets) are equipped with a built-in camera. This makes it very easy to take pictures on the fly wherever you may be at. For home inspectors, it offers the potential to be able to use a single device for collecting inspection information, taking pictures, and adding the pictures directly into the report. Being able to do this can cut down on hours of extra work currently spent adding pictures into reports after the fact. However, just because your device has a built in camera does not mean it will give you what you need to take pictures for your reports.

Below are things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not a built-in camera will work for your inspections:

Camera Quality – Devices vary in the quality of their cameras with some offering 1-3 MP cameras, while others have up to 8 MP. It is also important to realize that not all cameras are created equal. The camera quality between two devices that both have a 5 MP camera can vary greatly. Lens quality also greatly impacts the overall quality of the camera.

Picture Quality – How do the pictures actually turn out? It is important to confirm that the pictures you take with a device not only look good when viewing them on the device, but also when looking at a larger version of them on a PC. It will be up to you to determine if the picture quality meets your standards.

Flash – Is there a flash? If not, what will you do when taking pictures in crawl spaces or in the attic? If there is a flash, is it good enough to let you take the pictures you need? Many devices do not include a built-in flash, while others do. The HTC Inspire (shown above) is an example of a device that does have built-in flash.

Backup Camera – As a device gets more use in the field, there is a greater chance of dropping it, breaking it, or possibly having the battery run low. If the device you are using for inspections and picture taking has an issue, how will you take pictures? It is recommended that you have a backup camera with you on your inspections.

Additional Features/Options to Consider

o Can you change the picture quality (increase decrease the resolution of pictures you are taking)?

o Can you adjust the camera when taking pictures in the low light settings you may encounter on an inspection?

o Is there a zoom? How good is the zoom?

o Is there an auto focus? How well does it work?

Here are a few things you can do to determine if a device’s built-in camera will meet your needs.

If you already own the device, then do a mock inspection on your house using the built in camera and see if you are able to take all of the pictures you would need.

If you don’t own the device, see if there is a local store that will let you put your hands on it and take a few pictures to see how they come out.

Read through online reviews to learn from device users how their experience has been with it.

Look at device specs and make sure that you are clear what they mean so that you are able to do accurate comparisons between devices.

Ways to Use Computer Time More Effectively

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For the past decade, most of us have spent more and more of our workday in front of a computer. Handling email, writing documents or on the web, whatever the time of day we can be found typing into our PCs or smartphones.

If we’re going to spend hours every day at a screen, there are things we can do to make that time more effective. But first, let’s work out what we’re actually doing. Keep a PC activity log every day for a typical week.

Do this with a pencil and paper, just write down when every task begins and ends, or use an automated time tracking application like Qlockwork for Windows (http://www.qlockwork.com) to do it for you.

Look at the log. There are the 3 simple ways PC time can be used more effectively.

1. Delegate or drop
We all spend time on computer tasks we don’t really need to do. For each regular task, would the world end if we didn’t do it? If the world would indeed end, could we delegate or outsource it?

We know delegation is a powerful tool. It can be painful up front but if we start delegating more of our responsibilities it can be the most effective way to free up time.

2. Don’t let email drive you
Don’t run your inbox or let your inbox run you. Email is a reactive task, not one that generally helps us achieve longterm goals.

Turn off email arrival notifiers. No more sounds. No more pop-ups. Review email at set times of the day like first & last thing. Don’t prioritize email above everything else and complete a genuinely important task before opening your inbox. Good email clients like Microsoft Outlook will let you turn your notifiers off.

3. Avoid interruptions
Stopping and starting on tasks is more destructive than we think. Studies show that jobs can take 30% longer if they aren’t finished in one go. When we pick a task up, ideally we shouldn’t put it down until it’s finished.

Easier said? Email is a great replacement for phone calls because emails don’t have to interrupt you. Unfortunately, we often let them interrupt anyway. Turn off notifiers and only review emails at set times.

Got an office door? Close it sometimes and unplug the internet connection or even work at home for some tasks if there are fewer distractions there. There are times when this won’t be possible but we should look for times when it is.

To summarize, if we want more hours in the day we need track our time and find out where it goes. Delegate or drop, control emails, give ourselves quality time to focus on key responsibilities. That should mean PC time is better spent.

Wondershare Releases Android Manager Mobilego For Android Pro(windows)

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Wondershare Software, one of the highest-flying companies that contributed to the booming development of the Chinese economy by developing exceptional multimedia software that carry many benefits to worldwide users, today officially announced the availability of a brand-new android manager tool: MobileGo Pro for Android v2.1.5 which is an one-stop Android manager can help you manage your Android videos, music, photos, contacts, SMS, apps, etc. effectively on your PC.

What’s new in this version:
1. Supports more Android phones and tablets.
2. Adds the function to transfer data between Symbian, Anroid and iOS devices.
3. Supports moving apps between SD card and phone storage.
4. Supports installing APK (app) files without launching MobileGo for Android.
5. Supports importing/exporting SMS text messages.
6. Supports quick replying SMS.
7. Improved contacts de-duplicating.

Android Management Has Never Been Easier

* Android Fans – Dedicated one-click backup and restore phone data on PC.
* Music Lovers – Instantly add music, video and photo for enjoying anytime.
* App Addicts – Quick install/uninstall, move and export apps with ease.
* Social Favors – Send & reply text messages directly on your PC.

Manage Everything on Your Android from PC

* Dedicated one-click backup to PC means no more lost data.
* Instantly add fun stuff and enjoy media anytime, anywhere.
* Quick install/uninstall, move and export apps with ease.
* Easily transfer data between Symbian, iOS and Android.
* Send & reply texts directly on your PC.

This pro version contains all functions of the free version, and has more:
* Convert video/audio to Android formats to fit your device.
* Extract audio and make ringtones.
* Directly import/export music from/to iTunes library.
* Easily transfer contacts to/from Outlook and Windows Mail.

Wondershare MobileGo for Android, this Android phone manager gives you a simple, smart interface to plug in and go. With MobileGo, you can back up everything including contacts, SMS, apps, catalogs. Vice versa, you can restore all or selected backed-up files to your Android phone with a click. Forget to move your downloaded shows, music, whatever the night before and now you’re stuck in line somewhere staring at a blank screen? Wanna enjoy media anywhere? MobileGo for Android helps you push music, photo, and video easily to and from your Android devices.

Price and Availability
For existing users, Wondershare MobileGo for Android is open for free update; for fresh users, the latest version of this MobileGo for Android is regularly priced at $39.95.

About Wondershare
Established in 2003 and located in Shenzhen, adjacent to the international financial and trade center Hong Kong, Wondershare has extended its business worldwide, consistently dedicated to satisfy customers with diversified consumer software products and services.

Android Technologies For Gratifications

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The faster one achieves the greater he/she proceeds. This is what Android technologies gratify for. In this fast phase of life people seek for the fastest means of operating system, which is feasible, only under Android application zone. People in need of multi-tasking procedure in hectic curriculum find its way out with Android applications.

Android technologies turn out to be most popular and buzzing operating. Its functional attribute of flexibilities makes it magnificent discoveries till today. It unit sales ranked first among all other smart phones operating handsets at 33% followed by Blackberry at 28% and later on iOS with 22% in United States of America. Based upon Linux kernel and GNU software, Android technology made itself the first option of usage in various tablet phones or computers. Therefore, as a magnanimous success it appears in every smart phones and tablet, making every segment of work possible and manageable. Thus, its tremendous growth makes Android a boosted operating system developed with thousands of different options of applications for assistance and entertainment in other way.

The efficiency of Android operating turns it to be top most platforms for mobile applications throughout. One can witness its popularity across the globe, nevertheless, the key reasons for its success is the procedure of its usage which is much stylish and its utility purpose is easy enough and child friendly too. This Android system with more and more renewal in its applications pattern is creating it permanent impression in the minds of the people. This Android application relevantly developed to an extent in last fifteen years and still developing to create a sensational point of venture. If we see from the first formation of black and white phones to mini computers, mobile operating system has come across a lot of way. Specially for smart phones this operating system has evolved from palm operating system to windows pocket PC and lastly to Blackberry and Android operating system.


-Providence of various options of applications such as gaming software, media players, picture editing options.

-Providence of WiFi signal strength is good rather another option for surfing.

-Just the usage of Android makes the work multi-tasking without losing the prior application while using the present one.

-Android being the best intent based operating system which makes the user to get a thorough hook on the operating system.

-Presence of Apps makes the Android application exclusively popular and wanted.

-The Android application provides one back button which makes the usage of the phone or tablet easier and one can view the main page without getting lost in its various options.

-There are various Apps the users can utilize among which the Android provide the application name navigation which uses data from Google map.

The Android application to a certain stage appears to be also under budget and not costlier like other operating platform based phone.

Lastly, Android application phones and tablets appears in market in variety of devices that can be bought easily without getting perplexed by price and features.